Biblical Ministry

Members should be hospitable to their neighbors, friends, co-workers and strangers and invite them into their homes frequently and offer their aid to them. Ambassadors for Christ use their home as an embassy.

Evangelism and The Great Commission is accomplished through hospitality, aid, lifestyle/testimony, public proclamation in and outside the gathering, person to person, door to door, etc.

Ministry: First to one another and then to the world

1. For those that are called to equip (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers)
  • A ministry made up of biblically-called and biblically-qualified individuals
  • Elders, in addition to teaching, fulfill the role of Pastors/Shepherds and Overseers
  • These individuals will labor in equipping the Saints through
    • Teaching
    • Preaching
    • Discipling: (training and mentoring)
    • Praying abundantly for the saints
    • Fellowshipping with the saints
    • Exhorting and Admonishing
    • Ministering/Laboring together
      • Evangelism
      • Hospitality
      • Mercy to others
2. For those that are to do the work of the ministry (The Saints)
  • The work of the ministry will revolve around the spiritual gifts God has given to the believers in this church.
    • Prophecy: Speaking forth to reveal or remind the church of what God has said. Can be used to encourage or warn others.
    • Service to others: This would include the role of Deacons but not limited to them.
    • Teaching: This would include the role of Elders, but not limited to them.
    • Exhortation: Encouraging and admonishing others to the high standard God has set for us.
    • Giving: Giving generously to other brothers and sisters in need, the church in general, to the poor, widows and orphans.
    • Leading/Administering: Pointing others to the goal, showing them the way and helping them get there. Making sure that all things run smoothly and orderly.
    • Showing Mercy: Coming alongside another to give aid, to comfort with word and/or deeds and to pray with and to pray for another
  • Ministry that will extend to the world around us.
    • The lost
    • The poor
    • The widows
    • The orphans
    • Those in need
    • Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, strangers