Long Term Vision

Phase I: 1-24 Months
Phase I comprises the initial planting of the church. The soil has been found and that is Charlottesville. We believe that God is tilling the soil as we speak and we are tilling the soil through our prayers and testimony. The planting comes next.

In The Beginning
Initially we will be meeting in a home. When we outgrow that, which we hope to do relatively soon, we will transition to either a larger home or to a place that offers a home type environment where we can gather for worship and the breaking of bread each week.

Phase I Instruction
Weekly Gathering: Our instruction during our weekly gathering will focus on “The Pillars On Which We Stand.” Once we finish that, we plan to move into teaching through the New Testament starting with an overview of the New Testament, then the book of Acts, followed by the rest of the New Testament in chronological order.

Discipleship: During Phase I we will also have focused times of discipleship on a weekly basis. The purpose of discipleship is to help make one another more like Christ and to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry.
  • The emphasis during Phase I will be on equipping men to shepherd their families, becoming students of God’s Word and becoming teachers and leaders within the local church. The faster the men mature, the faster their families will mature and the faster the whole body will mature. Equipping will take place in groups and one-on-one interaction. We will read books together, study the Word together, pray together and serve together. We will teach on Biblical Eldership and the Ministry of Deacons. While every man may not be called or have the desire to be an Elder or a Deacon, every man should have the desire to meet those qualifications.
  • Women's discipleship will also be included.
  • Body discipleship will be done with guest speakers, ministries, events and retreats.

Connecting: One of the most important parts of Phase I will be connecting with one another. We will not become a united and mature Body of Christ without being intimately connected to one another. Connecting will of course take place during our weekly gatherings, times of discipleship. But we will also encourage the body to serve one anothers needs (we must be willing to wash one anothers feet) and fellowship frequently through meals together, adventures together and ministry together.

Establishing: Critical to establishing a New Testament church is the appointing of Elders to shepherd/pastor, oversee and teach the saints. It would be our desire that during Phase I, God would raise up some men to serve as Elders. These Elders will have equal authority and will share in the ministry.

Phase II: 24-60 Months
Phase II could be the time for Pruning and Producing. The purpose of Pruning is to help a church to continue to grow healthy and in the right direction to bring about the result of good fruit.

Ministry Home and Retreat Center: Part of the long-term vision is to acquire a property/farm and put up a steel home that will comfortably seat 150 people or more, be bright, open and practically functional for use as a personal residence and a gathering place for worship and ministry.

Why a steel home? Simple, you get a lot more bang for your buck. Better stewardship of resources that God has entrusted us with.

In addition, the property will serve as a retreat center with a plurality of small cottages for those staying on the farm. Cottages can serve missionaries that are on deputation or furlough as well as guests who will be ministering to our congregation. The property will also feature outdoor activities for all.

Planting Churches: One of the signs of a healthy, God-honoring church is that they plant and establish other local New Testament churches. They do so by:
  1. Asking the Father to open their hearts and minds about possible church plants.
  2. Equipping men to fulfill the role as Church Planters and Elders.
  3. Praying that God will raise up men within the body to send forth and plant other churches.
  4. Sending them forth and supporting them financially and prayerfully; as well as overseeing them until they are fully established.

In planting churches, it would be our desire to extend out geographically one bite at a time…Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, And to the End of the Earth. So in our case that might look like: Charlottesville, Central Virginia, Virginia, The East Coast and beyond. The Church of Charlottesville would continue to serve the other churches as a hub for oversight, equipping and encouraging.