Church Planter Promo

The book “Church Planter” by Darren Patrick came across my radar a few weeks back when I saw Tim Challies mention the book on his blog ( Since I am one who is interested in and somewhat in the process of planting a church, I added the book to my Wish list. Now there’s a video promo for the book (novel idea…no pun intended) on YouTube. You can see it here:

The video promo is motivating me to go ahead and purchase the book. Here’s why: Darren, standing in an abandoned church, says in the promo “This church had a man crisis.” “In churches when men stop investing in younger men, men stop caring.” “Older gentlemen do not know how to finish well; they don’t know how to invest. And so middle aged men don’t know how to stay married. They don’t know how to stay connected to the hearts of their children.” He goes on…I recommend you at least view the promo.

In Christ,