Divided The Movie

Divided, as expected, has become a controversial movie. Divided is a documentary film about age segregation within the church. I have watched the movie and found it worthwhile, but then again, I already agree that age segregation within the local church is not fundamentally biblical, nor is it extremely effective. 

Unfortunately within the Family Integrated Church camp a few bad apples are spoiling the batch. In addition those that take issue with family-integration or age-integration have made numerous false statements about those involved within Family Integrated Churches. The Body of Christ needs to be very careful about pointing fingers at one another...especially through the Internet. I personally have found that those that ridicule Family Integrated Churches have never spoken to someone who leads one. Yes there are some bad extremes within the movement, but there are bad extremes in every type of movement, denomination or type of church.

At the Church of Charlottesville we gather as whole families...our families and ages are integrated. This is a good thing, not a bad thing. In can be a challenge for new people, especially families that have not or refuse to train their children to behave properly as we gather. But with loving instruction, that can be overcome. So for the Church of Charlottesville it is not about being Family-Integrated, it is more about how we gather...and we gather as whole families, not divided ones.

We encourage you to watch the movie and you can do so for FREE. Go here to watch it now.