John MacArthur Predicts Reversal of Reformed Revival

Here is a two part interview by with John MacArthur discussing the challenges of the Reformed Revival and what may happen to it.

MacArthur is correct in saying that many of the "churches" that embrace Reformed theology are not genuine New Testament churches. They don't have genuine Elders who are serving as genuine Shepherds and Overseers of a genuine body that they know, love and walk amongst. 

They act, look, think way too secular and pagan...but then again, so do most "Christians."

At the Church of Charlottesville we do desire to engage the culture, but never embrace it, appear like it, think like it and act like it. The best way to engage the culture and turn the world upside down is to be counter-culture. This is how the early church stood out and thrived. This is how those of the Radical Reformation stood out and thrived...despite significant persecution for both groups.