Charlottesville A Great Place To Live and Better Place To Minister

Charlottesville, once again has been rated the "Best Place To Live in America." This time by Yahoo Real Estate.

And Forbes Magazine has Charlottesville listed #13 on America's Millionaire Capitals and #3 on Most Generous Towns. 
There is no doubt that Charlottesville is a great place to live, work and raise a family. For a relatively small town, it offers somewhat of cosmopolitan feel, nestled among a rural and suburban landscape. Quite a rare combination. 

But Charlottesville does have a few challenges for such a nice and affluent area.
  1. Crime is higher than other areas with greater populations.
  2. Liberalism, Paganism, Naturalism and New Age have a very strong foothold in the area. Demonic activity!
  3. The cost of living is the highest in Virginia outside of the D.C. area of Northern Virginia. 
The good news is, there are a few good churches here and there is a connected Christian community that I have not seen or heard the likes of anywhere else. For various reasons (Homeschooling groups being a major factor), Christians from diverse theological perspectives and churches come together. 

My wife attends and hosts a ladies group where a dozen or so ladies show up for dinner and fellowship and they all attend different churches for the most part. 

When we host events at our home we also have a diverse group of Christians fellowshipping together. 

These things make Charlottesville a great place to minister. An intimate, mature body of believers is desperately needed to reach out to the lost in the Charlottesville area and to show them what a true Body of Christ is and is about. At the Church of Charlottesville, this is one of our hopes and goals. We long to be true members of one another and a genuine Body of Christ. Not just for our benefit, but also the benefit of the lost and ultimately the Glory of God!