September 25th 2011 Update

Brothers and Sisters,

Sunday we gather for worship, celebration and remembrance. In preparing to do so, I ask you…What do we need to worship God? Do we need contemporary, secularized “Christian” music? Do we need video presentations? Do we need to be “innovative” to worship God and attract others? 

I hope you answered “NO!” to those questions? What we need to worship God as a local Body of Christ are hearts that are connected to the Holy Spirit and to one another. We need to be consumed with and in awe of what Jesus Christ has done for us, made us and is causing us to become. Remember, we are the “fullness of Him who fills all in all” and “the dwelling of God.” When we realize this, it takes nothing else to cause us to worship God or to have “high spiritual vitality.” 

In the article “A Rough Decade For American Congregations it reports that congregational attendance is shrinking and to compensate churches are turning to pagan practices and worldly influences to attract people and to supposedly have greater spiritual vitality. This should be no surprise. I submit that this approach is a dead end and will lead to spiritual destruction along the way. If as a body we just follow the principles and practices laid out in scripture, love God will all our hearts and love one another as ourselves, then God will cause the increase the right way. An increase that is Spirit made, not man made. 

With this in mind, our teaching time will focus on what I call “The 10 Keys To Explosive Church Growth.” 

Remember to spiritually prepare for our gathering tomorrow. Spend some time soaking in His Word and communing with Him through prayer and meditation. Don’t let your Lord’s Day get away from you. 

Bring your praises, prayer requests and scripture readings. Brothers, if you have a short teaching, please bring it. 

If you are joining us for the first time, please bring some food to share for our Love Feast.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,