Simon Kistemaker On The Ekklesia

In his commentary on Acts, Simon Kistmaker states...

“The church itself consisted of numerous congregations that met in individual homes. Each group came to be known as an Ekklesia in a local area.”

“In Acts, fellowship in the church depends on personal faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, remission of sins, baptism, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (2:38-39). Church membership comes to expression in being trained in the apostolic teaching, attendance at worship, partaking of the Lord’s Supper/communion, and dedication to prayer (2:42). Love for one’s neighbor reaches its peak when the members abolish poverty within the fellowship of the church (4:34). Deacons help in distributing food to the needs (6:1-6) and elders tend to the spiritual needs of the church (14:23; 20:28). The apostles spend their time in prayer and in teaching God’s Word.”