Our Call To Believers In Charlottesville and Central Virginia


The gospel is powerful; it comes in word, power, the Holy Spirit and with full conviction.

The gospel is purposeful; there is a certain intent for the gospel in our lives and it accomplishes its purpose when we strive with the gospel.

The Thessalonians had been changed by the gospel and it was proven by three things: their work of faith, their labor of love and their steadfastness of hope. They were not sitting idly by. They were neither complacent nor apathetic in their faith, love and hope. They worked, they labored and were steadfast.

What was the result of the gospel and their actions? Answer: They became an example to ALL believers in Macedonia and Achaia and the word of the Lord sounded forth from them.

Like the Thessalonians, we have the purpose of not just being an example to unbelievers and to one another, but to other believers and therefore other churches in Charlottesville and beyond. And our example to other believers shouldn’t be things like: gathering in a home, being family-integrated, being reformed or baptistic. No, our example to other believers in Charlottesville should be our work of faith, our labor of love and our steadfastness of hope.

So you see the power of the gospel is not just to convert unbelievers or to help us with our heart issues…the gospel is also purposeful in how we affect other believers that are not part of our body. May we in our faith, love and hope live passionate, pure and purposeful lives for the sake of the gospel and other believers in our area…all so the word of the Lord will sound forth from us.

Tomorrow we gather to celebrate our Lord and edify one another. Let us all prepare ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically prior to gathering together.

In Christ,