Family Worship Month

The Church of Charlottesville encourages all Christian families to spend time together worshiping God. Ideally every day...either in the morning before the day gets started or some time in the evening. It doesn't matter whether your family is just two people (husband and wife) or ten people. Gather together to worship God. Men/brothers use this time to shepherd your families and instruct them in the Word of God.

We also want to remind all those that are faithful in gathering their families together to worship God and give a warning to those that are new to family worship, not to neglect the spreading of the gospel and doing acts of ministry to the world around us (widows, orphans and the poor). A great way to worship God together as a family is to actually go minister together as a family. Gathering our families together for worship in the confines of our home is easy...going into the world is not. Let's make sure the gospel goes beyond our home. Of course a good biblical idea is to offer hospitality to others on a frequent basis. The best of both worlds!

To help you with this and to encourage the Body of Christ to worship God there's a new resource called Family Worship Month. Check it out!