Missional Or Worldly?

Below is an article from Phil Johnson regarding those "pastors" who say they are being missional, when in reality they are being worldly. Holiness, purity, doesn't seem to matter to some "pastors" and consequently their sheep don't care either. Christians are to be distinct in:
  • How they think
  • What they think
  • What they see
  • What they hear
  • What they say and how they say it
  • What they do and how they do it
  • And what they wear
If some pastor believes he needs to, or wants to or thinks it's OK to dress according to pagan trends and styles, then clearly his thinking is not biblically sound. 

So I write this and post this for those that are considering a new church or are in existing church that condones worldly fashion and culture for the purpose of being "missional." My encouragement to you...FLEE! But first, go to the pastor and let them know why. Being "missional" and dressing like the world and speaking like the world, DOESN'T REACH THE WORLD! God's Word reaches the world. A holy, pure and distinct life reaches the world.

Here's the article...

In all of Paul's instructions to Timothy and Titus, there is not an ounce of encouragement for the person who thinks innovation is the key to an effective ministry philosophy.

Much less is there any room for the pulpiteers of today who like to exegete the latest movies, or preach on moral lessons drawn from television sitcoms, or build their sermons on themes borrowed from popular culture. You know what I mean: the kind of preachers who insist they are being "missional" when they are merely being worldly.