Some Points On Corporate Music and Singing

Below are some guidelines to what our music and singing should be like or that we should be striving towards.
  • It should be doctrinally sound: If we have or if someone brings a song and it has doctrinal error contained within the lyrics, then we should point out the error in the most loving way possible and then see if it makes sense to exclude this song in the future. Not every song is going to have perfect doctrine, so we need to be able to overlook the minor issues or else we will have limited repertoire of music.
  • It should be musically excellent: This admittedly is not as easy. What one person thinks is excellent another might despise. When it comes to singing together, ideally it should be melodic and have a rhythm that flows well and is not choppy. Which leads us to the next guideline...
  • It should be suitable for congregational singing. Just because one person can sing along with it, doesn’t mean a group of people can and we need to be able to recognize that.
  • Christian music should strive to be distinct from worldly, pagan music. There will naturally be some similarities but our musical style and arrangement should not sound so much like the worlds music that it’s hard to draw a distinction between the two. God created music, but the devil corrupted it.
  • We should seek to sing a variety of songs and styles. We should have a good balance of older traditional hymns, modern hymns, praise music, a cappella, and the reading or singing of psalms.
  • We should be able and willing to sing with or without accompaniment (piano, guitar, etc.), a cappella and even along with the iPod for a time.
  • When a body is singing and worshipping together it is more about a corporate expression than an individualistic expression (you shouldn’t have fifty people expressing themselves in fifty different ways; that will only be chaotic). We are a body, not disjointed individual members. But at the same time, the individual believer should be free in how they express themselves during the music time…as long as it is not a significant distraction. If someone wants to lift their hands to the Lord, they should feel free to do so. If someone wants to bow, kneel or stand during singing, they should feel free to do so. And even if the Holy Spirit prompts someone to dance, they should feel free to do so…as long as the dancing is not provocative and an interruption of others worship. All things must be done “decently and orderly”.