Recommended Reading

The Church
  • Sharpening The Focus Of The Church: by Gene Getz
  • Ekklesia: by Steve Atkerson
  • The Lord's Supper: by William Barclay
  • The Worldliness of Worship: by James F. White
  • Family-Integrated Church: by J. Mark Fox
  • Planting A Family-Integrated Church: by J. Mark Fox
  • The Deliberate Church: by Mark Dever and Paul Alexander
  • What Is A Healthy Church: by Mark Dever
  • What Is A Healthy Church Member: by Thabiti M. Anyabwile

Church History
  • The Pilgrim Church: by E.H. Broadbent
  • A Short History of The Early Church: by Harry R. Boer
  • Early Christians Speak: by Everett Ferguson
  • Will The Real Heretics Please Stand Up: by David Bercot
  • The Pilgrim Road: by David Bercot
  • We Don't Speak Great Things-We Live Them (Justin Martyr and Mark Felix): by Scroll Publishing
  • The One Who Knows God (Clement of Alexandria): by Scroll Publishing
  • Pagan Christianity: by Frank Viola
  • The Untold Story of The New Testament Church: by Frank Viola
  • Anti-Nicene Fathers 10 Volume Set
  • Apostolic Fathers: by Michael W. Holmes
  • The Early Christians-A Taster: by Dr. Richard Alderson

Biblical Leadership
  • The Reformed Pastor: by Richard Baxter
  • The Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges
  • Biblical Eldership: by Alexander Strauch
  • New Testament Deacon: by Alexander Strauch
  • Spiritual Leadership: by J. Oswald Sanders
  • Lectures To His Students: by Charles Spurgeon
  • An All Around Ministry: by Charles Spurgeon

The Family and Home
  • Uniting Church and Home: by Eric Wallace
  • The Power of Hospitality: by Chuck Crismier
  • The Hospitality Commands: by Alexander Strauch 
  • Open Heart, Open Home: by Karen Maines
  • Making Room-Recovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition: by Christine D. Pohl
  • Family Driven Faith: by Voddie Baucham
  • What He Must Be: by Voddie Baucham
  • A Church In The House: by Matthew Henry...revised by Scott Brown
  • Disciplines of a Godly Family: by Kent and Barbara Hughes
  • The Family Worship Book: by Terry L. Johnson
  • A Book For Family Worship: by Jim Cromarty
  • Training Hearts, Training Minds: by Starr Meade
  • Lead Your Family In Worship: by Francois Carr