This Time: Music Video by John Elefante--Don't Abort...Adopt Out

Below is a music video called "This Time' by John Elefante. It's a video about a young unmarried pregnant girl who is about to abort her child, but suddenly encounters the Lord telling her not to and she foresees into the future who that child might be and ends up walking out of the abortion clinic and saving the child.

Here in the Charlottesville area Planned Parenthood is alive and well, but almost every day, some believer is out front praying for those girls and ladies walking in and praying for the child inside of them. I am thankful for organizations like 40 Days of Life and the Pregnancy Centers of Central Virginia that bring awareness to the crime and sin of abortion and who seek to reach out to those considering abortion and ministering to them. 

Instead of abortion, women and young girls should be encouraged to adopt out their child to a loving family. Many couples want to adopt because, either they are not able to have their own children or they simply want more children. If you are pregnant and for whatever reason don't want your child, you can be a real blessing to a family and allow them to adopt the baby in you. You will be blessed by this act.

The solution to stopping abortion is not political, it is spiritual. The most effective thing Christians can do is to tell others about saving grace of God and Christ's forgiveness of sins. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of Jesus Christ that changes a persons heart. The more young girls and women who encounter Christ and are awakened spiritually and have a new and cleansed heart will first of all be a whole lot less likely to be in the situation of an "unplanned" pregnancy, but if they do, they will never consider abortion.