The Vision

To plant and establish in the Charlottesville, Virginia area a genuine New Testament Church that has the beliefs, the form, the function, the principles and the practices of the early 1st century churches.

A church where the Christ would say “There is My bride, pure and holy. My sheep, dwelling in unity.”

A church where first century believers would feel right at home. And if the Apostles came in, they would marvel and say “Praise God! This is just like we left it and intended it to be.”

The Purpose

To form a church, a gathering and community of people who live intentional and distinct lives for the sake of the gospel, that are intimate with one another and use our spiritual gifts to edify one another and display the love of Christ through the Body of Christ to the world around us so that Christ will be seen and the lost, whom God has chosen, will call upon Him for salvation. And through our love, forbearance and good works we will have favor with all men, even those that yet remain unregenerate. 

Sharing The Gospel, Sharing Hearts, Sharing Resources

“The traditions and instructions of the Church’s early day before the Scriptures were completed, have in the New Testament received a permanent form intended for the literal and continuous guidance, both of the individual saint and of the churches of God, and the endeavor to act in accordance with them has never ceased, even though at time only a few have continued it.” 
 –E.H. Broadbent, The Pilgrim Church

The Church Needs Rebuilding On The Foundations Of Christ And The Apostles!